Effective January 1, 2019, Honeywell First Responders is no longer sponsoring "Know Your Smoke:  The Dangers of Fire Smoke Exposure."  With such great demand for the training, the Coalition can proceed, but at a cost to the departments / agencies.   The cost of the training for two instructors, is approximately $6,000.00 which includes all travel expenses to and from the venue (two nights and two days), instructor per diems while in the host city, registration, and organization of the event.   The Coalition can also assist with potential sponsors once identified in your area.

When this training first began, it was sponsored by local gas detection vendors throughout the country and there are many that would like to participate. Unfortunately, due to conflicts of interest, the Coalition could not partner with a vendor outside of the Honeywell / RAE brand.

And, for the many departments which have requested training solely for their department, the doors are now open to  those opportunities!

If you are interested in hosting a program, email the Executive Director to schedule a conversation about the resources in your area and how the Coalition may be in a position to assist with bringing an on-site training session to your area or department.