Parkinson’s Disease and Firefighters

For firefighters diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, the attached is a comprehensive overview of  research conducted by firefighter Steve Watts, District Operations, Platoon, D, Victoria, Australia.  Steve’s research paper was forwarded to the Coalition after Steve attended the Know Your Smoke training session in Frankston (Melbourne) Australia.   While this research was completed by an Australian firefighter, the references and research are, for the most part, US based.  With Illinois on board to provide firefighters with disability benefits should there be a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, Massachusetts is also pushing similar legislation.  If you do not have Parkinson’s disease included in presumptive legislation in your state, this is a comprehensive resource to begin the process with your local politicians.

“The “weight of evidence” and “balance of probabilities” along with global research data undertaken in this report substantiate that my thirty-two years working as a firefighter has resulted in me being exposed to and in contact with a range of chemicals, toxins and contaminates during the course of my duties. Subsequently, in my case, the thousands of hours spent exposed on scene at many emergencies has initiated my Parkinson’s disease.”

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