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Know Your Smoke:  The Dangers of Fire Smoke Exposure.  As a member you also have the benefit of the virtual / online “Know Your Smoke” training program and instructional videos.  Although the online version is not as comprehensive as the on-site training course, it is the absolute tool to help you begin the process of cultural change.

DHS Training Videos. As a member you have full access to all training videos, which include:

Out of Air, narrated by Mike Gagliano, and considered to be the most comprehensive air management training program that exists today.

Aftermath, narrated by Rob Schnepp, focuses on the absolute truth about today’s fire smoke, which is more deadly than ever before.  Although the training is geared to EMS and medical personnel, it will also educate firefighters about the toxicity of fire smoke and the Toxic Twins – the most deadly gases to firefighters.

Members also have the benefit of all Fire Smoke Coalition publications which include:

  • Smoke:  Myths, Persceptions & Misunderstandings
  • Smoke II:  The Toxic Twins
  • Smoke:  Atmospheric Monitoring