Firefighter Hood Research

Firefighter hoods have been demonstrated to be somewhat permeable to particulate matter and may not provide adequate protection to firefighters with respect to reducing toxic exposures.

FSC is raising funds to study the effectiveness of firefighter hoods in preventing skin exposure to toxic materials (PAHs and heavy metals.)  This investigation is intended to assess and monitor firefighter head and neck toxic exposure during real-world firefighting activity.

The study will be led by Dr.  James Brown, PhD with analysis provided by Purdue University and toxicologist,  Dr.  Alan Hall, M.D.   Of note is that Dr. Brown is the only scientists/PhD who has actually conducted firefighter research on the fire ground in real time, in real working-fires.  If you are not familiar with his research, take the time to read his study on firefighters and stress.

FSC is utilizing a GoFundMe campaign as a source of funding for this research so the outcomes are not perceived to be vendor or sponsor driven.  The research is exclusively to the benefit of the street-level firefighter.

The goal is to raise $25,000 by December 1, 2018 to complete the study prior to year-end.  Your contributions are greatly appreciated, as an individual or department.  No amount is too small.  If all of the partcipants who have attended “Know Your Smoke:  The Dangers of Fire Smoke Exposure” were to donate $5, more than half of the money necessary would be raised.

Click here to donate and thank you for your contributions.  Donors will be recognized on the Coalition’s website as contributors to the research and in the final white paper.