About the Fire Smoke Coalition 

Today, firefighters are faced with more challenges than ever before – just trying to stay alive to experience retirement.  Due to job-related illnesses and deaths, many states have adopted presumptive legislation that provides compensation and medical expense reimbursement for some cancers and illnesses.  It is through the on-site training program that Coalition instructors help departments understand the need to change Standard Operating Guidelines to become more compliant with accepted fire ground practices.

As a non-profit, donations are necessary to insure the continuation of free education to firefighters; and, to conduct independent research relative to today’s challenges with firefighter illness and death.  While it is impossible to prevent firefighter cancer, disease and death, awareness created through proper education can most certainly reduce exposures to fire smoke and its by-products, and minimize the inherent risks to firefighters.

Many civic organizations become involved to support firefighters.  Fundraisers, organized donations, and fire department memberships help support the continued educational awareness programs offered by the Coalition, which are absolutely free to firefighters. 

Firefighter and fire department memberships help the continued maintenance of the Coalition’s website.  And, for vendor sponsors that align with the Coalition’s mission, tailored programs are created that maximize the vendor’s presence in the fire service.

If you are a member of a civic organization or group and wish to donate to the Coalition, please contact the Executive Director for support in your efforts.  As a vendor/sponsor, tailored programs are available to maximize exposure for continued support.